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A beautiful frameless shower made for your bathroom

The Finest Shower Doors Available. Designed, manufactured, shipped and installed By American Shower Glass. From our unique designs to our amazing hardware selection and our protective coating.


Frameless swinging shower doors

Swinging doors are versatile and range in style from contemporary to traditional.

Our door and enclosure frameless designs result in striking hinged shower doors bring functional beauty to your shower. With premium hardware, flexible sizing and many finish options, our swinging glass shower doors offer distinctive style to complement any bathroom.

ASG sturdy 3/8″ panels and a unique design, both pivot and wall-mounted hinge showers achieve a beautifully open look and feel.


Frameless sliding and barn door

With our classic roller sliding door and sleek modern design, the American Shower Glass Frameless Sliding Shower Door provides the ultimate in contemporary design for your bathroom.

This shower door is crafted with quality tempered glass and stainless steel hardware that resists corrosion and tarnishing and features an eye-catching disk sliding system and sleek door handle. For a custom look, this door can be installed to slide open left or right.


Modern and easy to clean

For easy cleanup, plan to wipe down the shower right after the last person has finished up their shower for the day. Many people wonder: how do you clean glass shower doors?

Fill a spray bottle with White Vinegar and filtered water 50/50. Spray onto the glass and let it soak a few minutes. Use a microfiber cloth or paper towels and wipe the glass in circular motion. Repeat if necessary and also a magic eraser works great as well. Do not use any harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia or anything abrasive on the glass.

When you get frameless glass shower doors, you’ll quickly notice just how stylish and great they look in your home.


Bathroom Remodel

Unlike the heavy and bulky traditional framed doors that you may be used to. Modern frameless shower doors look fantastic in bathrooms that are of more contemporary design or for those that use simple, sleek lines. 

Replacing a shower curtain with a frameless shower enclosure is at the top of many homeowners’ remodeling lists. And for good reason. A frameless glass shower can take up less space and a bathroom remodel can yield a significant return on the investment at resale and valuation of your home.


Maximize space

As a result, bathroom improvements make your home more appealing and can give you a great ROI (return on investment) in many cases.

An inviting bathroom can give a home the edge over houses at the same price point with less attractive bathrooms, Scott McGillivray from the HGTV channel says, “Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most important room in the house when it comes to resale.”


Openness & Light

A glass shower door is durable, eliminates drafts that are common with shower curtains. These frameless doors can make your bathroom more spacious and also allows more light in the shower and a glass shower door and enclosure helps you show off shower tiles.

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