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Our design team has already crafted many beautiful shower enclosures that can inspire you

Custom Glass Shower Doors And Enclosures

Custom glass shower doors and enclosures are an ideal element of contemporary bathroom interiors. Bathroom shower doors not only elevate the interior but also boost the practical value with clear glass partitions. 

Custom Shower Glass Door and Enclosure 


What is a Frameless shower?


A frameless shower glass design offers you clear, stylish glass panels that can be doors, panels or an enclosure. 


The panels are not supported by a metal frame, and the glass is generally thicker than lower grade showers with frames. The frameless design gives your bathroom a more upscale, opulent appearance, which is what you want in a room created to relax you while taking a shower.

Frameless glass shower doors are a popular choice because they offer an elegant appearance and they are easy to clean. They also allow for more light in the bathroom. 


Why have a custom shower door or enclosure

Custom frameless shower glass doors or enclosures are a great way to get a sleek and minimalist look for your bathroom. They come in a wide variety of styles. There are swinging doors, sliding doors, stationary panels and steam showers to make your bathroom look amazing. 

Frameless glass shower doors offer an elegant look that will make you feel like you’re in a luxurious spa every time you take a shower. They also provide an easy way to clean your bathroom since there is nothing blocking the view of the floor. Sliding doors offer convenience and space by opening up to the rest of the room sideways without occupying the space of a door, so you can easily get out of the shower.

How to order

The first thing that you need to do is measure the area of your shower or bathtub. You will need this measurement to make sure that the door will fit. When you have the measurements, you can choose from different types of doors and enclosures, including sliding doors and frameless glass shower doors. We at American Shower Glass do all this work for you to make sure we design the right door or enclosure and assure that all is detached beforehand so there are no surprises in the installing of your custom frameless shower.

One of the decisions you’ll have to make for your installation is the type of door you want. Swinging and sliding are the two main categories to choose from. Which door style you choose will be determined by both the desired effect and the available space. 

If you want a truly frameless effect, consider using a swinging door that opens on hinges. A barn door-style metal bar running across the top is required for a sliding door. While a swinging shower door can swing inwards, fire codes require it to also swing outwards, so you’ll need room to accommodate the door.

The second step is to choose the glass. The difference in glass styles is frosted versus clear glass. Frosted glass provides privacy and blocks out the sun’s rays while clear glass allows light in. Clear glass also provides a view outside while frosted window blocks it out.

Also, the clear glass has two types – the differences are clear and low-iron glass, the latter is more transparent, making it better suited for applications such as frameless glass walls, back-painted glass, markerboards, partitions and dividers, and other appearance-driven applications. The clear glass has slightly higher levels of iron produce a greenish tint.

Each piece of glass will be made to order based on the measurements of your shower layout. To achieve the desired look for your shower, you can select from a variety of glass and hardware options that ASG has for you.



If you take proper care of your frameless shower glass, you will save money on your shower installation in the long run. The increased toughness translates to a longer lifespan, which means you won’t have to replace your shower as frequently.

How to clean glass shower doors

For easy cleanup, plan to wipe down the shower right after the last person has finished up their shower for the day. This is the best time to clean your shower surround because the warm water has already loosened up the grime. Use a sponge or foam cleaning pad. 

Fill a spray bottle with White Vinegar and filtered water. 50/50 

Spray onto the glass and let it soak for a few minutes. Use a microfiber cloth or paper towels and wipe the glass in circular motion. Repeat if necessary and also a magic eraser works great as well. Do not use any harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia or anything abrasive on the glass.


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Our design team has already crafted many beautiful shower enclosures that can inspire you. We will craft the perfect custom shower for your needs. Click the link below to view our image gallery.