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ByPass Slider Shower Glass Doors

American shower glass is a leading brand of frameless shower doors and enclosures
in the Tampa, Orlando and Boca Raton region.


Cost effective and easy to install ByPass sliding shower door with American Shower Glass.

ByPass sliding shower doors are also known as sliding shower door that consists of two or sometimes three tempered glass. These panels are set inside two aluminum tracks, one at the top and one at the bottom.

Chrome and Brush Nickel
2 x 24″ towel bar included
3/8″ tempered clear glass door
Fast installation: 1 week or less

  • Saves the most bathroom space compared to other types of shower doors

  • Our ASG team is a specialist in installs, for us it’s relatively easy to install 

  • Easily available and found in-stock at most our showrooms

  • More tolerances than when installing a swinging shower door

  • Option of towel bars on doors


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Our Values

1. Speed, Safety and Quality

Each shower door is made and installed by seasoned professionals, ensuring that each shower door will complement the beauty and elegance of any home.

2. Customer Service

We offer uncompromising quality plus dedicated personal service. Our years of experience ensures that your glass enclosure installation is precisely measured and fitted by our competent professionals.

3. Value

ASG company sets itself apart by providing expert service and competitive products. Part of what we do is make your home more valuable and comfortable. Modern shower door designs feature minimal, but aesthetically pleasing hardware.